US Corporation Registration

Registering a company in a foreign country can be a frustrating experience. Failing to understand the intricacies of U.S. law and the processes needed to set up your company can make this endeavor very expensive. In addition to that, the U.S. has a unique taxation and legal system which can create many unexpected risks when setting up your business. At inQbrands, we are here to help small, medium, or large enterprises who would like to enter the U.S. market. We can smooth out the entire process and reduce the risks and costs of doing it yourself.

Trademark Registration

You’ve worked hard to build a name for your business and products so let us help you protect it. A registered trademark greatly expands the legal protection available to you. We offer complete Trademark registration services to protect your brand here in the U.S. and around the globe. Here is a list of services we can provide:

  • We conduct a trademark search by our specialists increasing the likelihood that your trademark is available prior to filing.
  • We know how to get the lowest government filing fee.
  • Our knowledge of the trademark registration process ensure that your trademark registration process will be handled as swiftly as possible.
  • We support you through every step of the process with expert advice and timely updates on your trademark status.

Office Sharing

Office sharing is a new trend that helps mobilize your business. Expand your business easily and efficiently. Cut out the middle-man and establish your very own office here in the U.S. by renting an office with us. We have fully furnished offices available that give you an edge over the competition with a local presence. Talk to buyers in real time during their working hours from a local phone number. Take advantage of our administrative services and you will have everything you need to do business efficiently. We make available to you:

  • Receptionist Service
  • Internet Access
  • Furniture & Equipment
  • Kitchen Area
  • 24-hour building access*
  • Telephone (additional fee)
  • Print services (pay per use)
  • Access to conference rooms

Comprehensive Administration & HR Services

inQbrands can provide comprehensive administrative & human resource services to help you to establish your US business. Here is a list of the services we can provide:

  • Bank Services: We support you with major local banking partners for your company and perform your daily banking needs at your discretion
  • Accounting Services: You have more important things to do than maintain your own books. Leave the back-end processes to us so you can focus on running your business and generating sales.
  • Tax Services: We streamline the entire taxation process for you, lessening the burden of reporting relevant expenses and tax related dilemmas.
  • Legal Services: Any US legal needs are fulfilled by US based legal experts.
  • HR Services: We provide payroll, background checks on potential employees.

We provide Insurance services etc. to help you to lower your cost.

Showroom Services

Having a place in the U.S. to show your products with a professional staff to service your clients is a significant benefit. We provide this service as a platform to show American buyers the remarkable quality and variety of Chinese-produced goods. The showroom is also a great avenue for you to display your products to a huge potential market. inQbrands will help you display your products effectively so that you may invite buyers to visit your showroom here in California.

  • Physical Showroom: With over 10,000 Square Feet of display space, we can display a diverse range of products of all shapes and sizes.
  • 360° Virtual Showroom: We capture your product and information, digitizing it into an interactive virtual online showroom, where buyers are able toe explore and understand with a click.
  • Sourcing Events & Trade Shows: Travelling back and forth between countries is a huge hassle and can be really taxing too. We represent you at sourcing meetings and invite prospective buyers from our network. In addition, maybe an entire booth in a trade show is too much for you, we bring your products on your behalf to these tradeshows at a much lower cost.

Sourcing Services

We are uniquely positioned to help you source from the most reliable, highest quality manufacturers. Our global team of industry experts can assist you in finding the right manufacturing partner. We can facilitate your supply chain needs, manage sample development, prototyping and QA/QC concerns.

We can track your production through arrival to help your business stay on track. Through a partnership with our sister company,, we have relationships with millions of suppliers across an almost endless variety of products. Our Shanghai sourcing team consists of experts who have worked for the top global sourcing organizations and retailers in the world. They know what it takes to ensure your alliance with the correct partners to support your growing business. It’s easy to find factories in China, it’s hard to find the right factories that are trustworthy and compliant. This is our world and we know it well. Let us help you take that next step in moving your business forward.

Translation Services

Having content in the native language of your targeted customers is vitally important.? Make a mistake in grammar, usage or spelling and the consumer will immediately think your products are inferior quality.? Something wrong with the language translates to something wrong with the product.? Understanding and communicating well in English isn’t easy and coming across as a native speaker is even more difficult.? You want to reach your customers and instill confidence in your?products.? We can help.? From e-commerce sales descriptions, media collateral, user guides and product manuals, our local team of expert copywriters can ensure your message is conveyed to your customers in the best, most professional format.